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Hello, I'm Sohee Park, currently majoring in VFX at the School of Visual Arts. After three years in Graphic Design, my deep interest in VFX led me to switch majors.

In my VFX studies, I've discovered striking parallels with Graphic Design, encompassing visual principles like color theory, layout, typography, and proportion. Proficiencies such as image correction, alpha channels, layers, and a creative mindset are pivotal in both disciplines.

The transition from 2D to 3D was my main challenge. Shifting from x, y coordinates to x, y, and z was initially unfamiliar, yet dedicated practice helped me conquer it.

I'm actively immersed in VFX studies and freelance graphic design. Continuously absorbing the latest art trends as a graphic designer, I strive to infuse these insights into my VFX work. As a VFX artist, I'm committed to fusing aesthetics and technical skills for imaginative, realistic visual effects.

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I adore watching movies. From heading to the theater, buying tickets, and taking my seat, the

anticipation builds for the new world and untold stories ahead. The movie trailers, like a brief rain before the main event, add to the excitement. Returning to reality, I'm always left wondering—how are those movie effects made? This curiosity, like a bamboo shoots, stayed with me until it suddenly grew, marking the start of my journey.




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